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About Traverco

Traverco Track Service N.V.

Since 1976 is TRActoren en VERpakking COmbinatie (tractors and packaging Combination) N.V. from a family company with initially only ten employees to become a full-grown reparative and production company.  Today, Traverco has grown to currently employ more than 80 employees.

The company provides its services in many different branches where much of its use is made of heavy material, heavy duty machines such as loaders, skidders, wheel loaders, forklifts, container lifters, tractors, excavators, etc.

The companies that have most use of the services that Traverco provide are active in the contracting business.  This kind of work gives the company work opportunities such as public works, the various mining sectors that are present in the country, the contracting, construction and private activities.

Large well known companies where we provide our services include; IamGold (Rosebel), MNO Vervat, Alcoa (Suralco), State oil, Ballast Nedam.

Even sectors such as fisheries, offshore, and different kinds of transport options are an important part in the accounts’ list of the company.

The wide variety of available services provided by the company is a major cause of broad marketing.


Revision suspension/track service

Thanks to many years of experience and acquired knowledge is Traverco, in this special area of reparation, the maintenance and reparative/revision of undercarriages of machines such as, excavators and bulldozers, one of the market leaders in this segment.

Thanks to the dealership with the Italian brand, Berco, can the company offer high quality and sustainability of strong heavy duty machinery.

Engine overhaul

Traverco is also very proficient in the complete overhaul of machines and engines and everything to do with it.

The available knowledge in this area and by the new continuous developments in this segment, Traverco continues its quest to increasing knowledge and improvement.


Thanks to the warm climate, the current constant working machines are then more and more expected of wearing parts such as hydraulic pipes.  Traverco is for several years, the producer of hydraulic pipes and coupling links.

Service on the field

Already, for a number of years is Traverco active with a fixed field group. Among other work on the various machines that operate in the port areas of Suriname is an area where much of the knowledge, flexibility and commitment of the staff is expected.

Also, there are machines in the Inland of Suriname that are expected to be serviced/repaired on time for continuous work ability. After a clear explanation and conversation with the customer about what needs to be repaired on his machine, then is there a schedule made according to the problem of the machine and then is there one or more mechanics sent to the customer’s location to solve the problem efficiently.

Retail Store

Since 3 years ago, Traverco offered a whole new business building with a spacious warehouse and shop. Thanks to the broad customer base and the demand for various solutions for machines has resulted in a warehouse inventory of over 12,000 articles. The range varies from tires, seals, exhaust manifolds, bucket pins, bushings and turbos.  Everything to bolts and nuts. Also many of the company’s specific customer demands require us to be able to order parts over sea from the purchasers in North America, Asia and Europe.

2022, Traverco Track Service NV

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